Core Competences

The Center of Excellence pursues a participatory knowledge transfer together with students and industry representatives. In this way, problem formulations from theory and practice are made experienceable and learnable. The focus is on the integration of Lean approaches and Industry 4.0 elements in a real-life production environment.

In addition, all relevant pillars of a Lean Enterprise are taken into account at the Center of Excellence: From Digital Factory 4.0 and Work 4.0 to Lean Development 4.0 and through to Lean Production Systems 4.0 and up to Lean Service 4.0. It is vital that no isolated island solutions are presented, but rather an internally coordinated, integrated and networked overall system is mapped out. Thus, the Center of Excellence represents a future-oriented teaching and learning environment for the industry and students.

Current studies show the need for knowledge transfer in order to ensure the competitiveness of German companies. Alliances between industry and universities in training and further education must be more strongly pursued in the future. With the Center of Excellence, the TU Braunschweig therefore offers an uninhibited teaching and learning environment so that goals, processes and design principles can be conveyed and developed in combination with Industry 4.0.