Lean Enterprise 4.0

The concept of Lean Enterprise 4.0 maps out a process-oriented, digitized value added chain. The aim of Lean Enterprise 4.0 is the waste-free cooperation between human, organization and technology in a networked, internally coordinated overall system.

In this instance, various directives of the Association of German Engineers (VDI) are considered: The VDI Directive 2870 “Lean Production Systems”, VDI Directive 2871 “Lean Leadership” and VDI Directive 2872 “Lean Enterprise”. These directives are already supporting manufacturing companies today and as an example, by introducing a company-specific, integrated production system or a suitable leadership culture with the aid of a standardized approach. Indeed while doing so, the definition and the consistent implementation of the process orientation may not be disregarded.

In combination with the various elements of Industry 4.0, the synergies between the approaches can be enhanced. Therefore, a comprehensive, process-oriented and integrated networking between all company processes is enabled by which not only local improvements are achieved, but waste is also avoided in the interfaces. This integrated networking is achieved through the implementation of a Lean Enterprise. It is only through this integrated approach that horizontal and vertical integration is achieved. Both are core elements of Industry 4.0.